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Submit an Entry: Potter Suggestions for DIY Pottery Tools

By DannyBoy_G

How I Made My Tool

I didn't. I got them from my cousin who is a cake decorator and had several doubles.

My Tool or Piece of Potting Furniture or Equipment

Cake decorating bags and tips. These are great for doing slip trailing and also creating unique sprigging. I've even done some cake-style flowers which worked out really well.

How I Came Up With My Tool

I wanted to try to make flowers for a pot I was making for a friend, but wasn't sure how to do it. I'd tried a couple different things, but wasn't satisfied. Then I was watching TV with my sister, who does the whole Food Channel cake shows things. That got me to thinking that maybe I could do with soft clay what the cake decorators were doing. It worked!

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't use too wet a clay for sprigging. It takes more pressure, but a soft clay will hold its shape better than a heavy slip.
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