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Reader Submissions: Potters' Gift Projects and Ideas


Bringing something special into the lives of the people around us is a gift we, as potters, are given. Sharing your work with others is exciting, as well as clearing out space for more pottery projects. This is especially true as we share our pottery with special people and on special days.

Stamped Ceramic Water Totem Pole

I slabbed a 25" x 30 " section of Terra Cotta clay using a slab roller. You could easily substitute using a hardwood rolling pin which was at least 24" wide.I purchased both a round and square dowel …More

Orchid Pots as Gifts

This is one attempt. I threw the pot, then used a cookie cutter to pierce it (I'm not much of an artist!) then used the pieces to embellish it. The glaze is Mayco Classic Crackle, Fuji Brown, fired t…More

Personalized Child's Place Setting

All three pieces to this set were thrown, using a mid-range stoneware. Incising was done with a dull pencil when they were leather hard. After bisqueing, I laid in a blue rutile glaze into his name a…More

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