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Pottery and Ceramic Suppliers in Florida


This list should help you find pottery and ceramic suppliers in the state of Florida. Remember that many large supply houses will ship all over the US and possibly outside the US. Should you know of a Florida supplier that is not listed here, please contact me, the Pottery Guide, so I can include them.

Atlantic Pottery Supply

Atlantic Pottery Supply, located in Atlantic Beach, FL, carries wide range of products including clays, glazes, tools, equipment, molds, molds, specialty products, and more.

Their online store is well stocked, but the overall feel is a little impersonal and stark. If you know this company, please let me know what you think of them.

Florida Clay Art Company

Florida Clay Art Company is located in Sanford, Florida. They offer a wide range of ceramic and pottery supplies and equipment including clay, glazes, tools, bisqueware, molds, wheels, kilns and more.

Florida Clay Art Company was founded by Carol Murphy Tague in February of 1996. In 1997 became the Central Florida Highwater Clay distributor, and in 2004 they were appointed the Central Florida Duncan Distributor.

Highwater Clays

Highwater Clays has a Florida location at 420 22nd Street S. St., Petersburg, FL 33712. The link above is to their main website. If you go to the Contact page, you'll find further information about the locations. From their site:
Highwater's well-stocked retail store and warehouse are located in St. Petersburg at a remarkable 22,000 sq. ft. ceramics center in the Historic Seaboard Train Station. This facility, operated by St. Petersburg Clay Company, boasts studios, gallery and a 4500 sq. ft. kiln shed on several acres of land. Firing options are numerous for the studio members including wood, salt, soda, gas and electric. The center has a resident program and an active workshop and gallery schedule.


Laguna-Florida is located at 490 Kane Court, Oviedo, FL. Their online store is at www.axner.com. The website says that they "boast [they have] the largest selection of pottery supplies, ceramic supplies, materials, ceramic equipment, glazes, pottery tools and books in the known universe!"
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