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US Ceramic and Pottery Suppliers

A listing of suppliers of ceramic and pottery supplies in the United States.

Pottery and Ceramic Suppliers in Arizona

This list should help you find pottery and ceramic suppliers in the state of Arizona. Remember that many large supply houses will ship all over the US and possibly outside the US. Should you know of an Arizona supplier that is not listed here, please contact me, the Pottery Guide, so I can include them.

Pottery and Ceramic Suppliers in Florida
This list should help you find pottery and ceramic suppliers in the state of Florida. Remember that many large supply houses will ship all over the US and possibly outside the US. Should you know of a Florida supplier that is not listed here, please contact the Pottery Guide, so they can be included.

Aftosa supplies potters with tools and especially with a huge variety of of those hard to find items such as wick holders, utensils ready for you to add your own ceramic handle, presentation stands, and much, much more. Located in Richmond, CA.

National Artcraft
National Artcraft carries components that may be useful to many potters. Products include lamp kits and parts, fountain kits and parts, handles, jewelry finds, and much more. They also carry some pottery equipment, tools, and supplies. Located in Aurora, Ohio.

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff
Cheap Joe's Art Stuff began for the painters in the crowd, but has recently begun offering pottery supplies. Located in Boone, NC.

Axner Pottery Supply
Located in Oviedo, FL, Axner is now a part of Laguna Clay Company. They carry a wide range of products, including supplies, tools, and equipment.

Highwater Clays
Highwater Clays is located in Asheville, NC. They carry a range of supplies from moist clays, raw materials, equipment, tools, and more.

Clay Connection
Clay Connection is located in Spokane, WA. They carry pottery and glass-making supplies, including kilns, clays, glazes, tools, and more.

Clayworld offers a gamut of supplies, tools, and equipment for the potter. Located in San Antonio, TX.

Claymakers is located in Durham, NC. They offer supplies including clay, ceramic tools, supplies, equipment and books for sale at competitive prices to the public. In addition the rent kiln space.

Carolina Clay Connection
Carolina Clay Connection is located in Charlotte NC. "We assist individuals and schools in choosing the equipment and supplies needed.... We carry a full selection of potter's wheels, kilns, slab rollers, extruders, pugmills, glazes, tools, chemicals, books, and more."

Williams Supply
Williams Supply is located in Star, NC. "We carry: Raw Materials, Glazes, Decorating Materials, Tools, Brushes, Equipment, Refractories, Cones and Much More..."

Continental Clay
Continental Clay carries a myriad of pottery and ceramic supplies. They are based in Minneapolis, MN and are a family owned business.

Daven Ceramic Center
Daven Ceramic Center is located in Atlanta, GA and they serve the potters of the southeastern USA with supplies and equipment.

Laguna Clay Company
Laguna Clay Company offers clays, glaze, raw materials, tools and equipment. Located in Los Angeles, CA area.

Mile Hi Ceramics
Mile Hi Ceramics states "We are a complete pottery and ceramic supply business." Located in Denver, CO.

ClayPeople, CA
ClayPeople is located in Richmond, California. They advertise that they have "the largest selection and inventory of clay, glazes, raw materials, tools, equipment, and plaster between Los Angeles and Seattle." They also offer equipment repair and firing services.

Dogwood Ceramic Supply, MS
Dogwood Ceramic Supply is located in Gulfport, Mississippi. They advertise that they are a "complete source of ceramic and pottery equipment and supplies for the professional and hobby ceramist and potter." Dogs welcomed.

Bailey Pottery Supply, NY
Bailey Pottery Supply is in Kingston, NY (upstate New York). They carry just about anything a pottery or ceramic artist could want and their customer service is outstanding. They also build their own brand of wheels and kilns, which are well worth looking at when considering such a purchase.

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