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Supplies, Tools and Equipment for Potters

Potters use a number of supplies, tools, and larger pieces of equipment. Supplies include clay and glazes, as well as many other items. Some tools are more often used when throwing on the potter's wheel, while others are more often used when working with clay by hand. Pottery equipment is an integral part of a potter's studio, as well.
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2011 Best Pottery Products
What were the pottery products voted to be the best in their categories in 2011? Here they are! See what other potters deem to be the "Best".

Pottery and Ceramic Supplies
These suppliers can help you find your pottery and ceramic needs.

A Quick Survey of Basic Pottery Tools
Working with clay can take two main directions: building pieces out of clay by hand; and throwing pieces on the potter’s wheel. Many of the basic pottery tools are used in both disciplines. Let’s take a look at a basic pottery tool kit.

The Three Main Pieces of Equipment for Potters
There are several pieces of equipment that potters can use in their creative process. The three most-often used are kilns, wheels, and some form of equipment used to bring dry clay to usable form.

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