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Understanding Glazes

Find out about glazes and their place in pottery. Understand the effects that different types of firing can have, the problems you may encounter with glazes and how to correct them, and the types of glazes you may want to use.
  1. Glaze Maturation (2)
  2. Types of Glazes (6)
  3. Glaze Problems (6)
  4. Glaze Recipes (6)
  5. Glaze Components (3)

Glaze Basics
Glazes are very diverse. Not only are there a wide variety of colors, but also of opacity, surfaces, and temperature ranges. Here we will look at an overview of that diversity.

Understand and Use Glaze Recipes
If you are unfamiliar with them , it can be hard to understand and use glaze recipes. Some pointers will help make glaze recipes more understandable and allow you to be more comfortable using them.

How to Test Pottery Glazes
Testing the glazes you use on your pottery may seem scary at first, but it is well worth doing. The best results in working with glazes (and clays as well) is through testing, based on an understanding of glaze components and how they work together. Even when working solely with commercial glazes, doing tests can help you find glazes and glaze combinations that work best for you and your pottery.

Mystery Glazes for Conservation and Adventure
Conserve and recycle small amounts of raw glazes and enjoy a pottery adventure.

Suggestions for Leftover Glazes
Suggestions and comments on reclaiming and using leftover glazes.

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