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Understanding Clays

Different clays have different working characteristics, colors once fired, and temperature ranges for firing. Understanding the possibilities will help you find the right clay for you.
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  3. Types of Clays (7)
  4. DIY Clay Bodies (10)

What Are Pottery and Ceramics?
What are pottery and ceramics? Is there a difference? Is everything that is made out of clay pottery? Are all ceramics made out of clay? Here are the answers.

Clay Basics
What is clay? Is it simply dirt? Well, yes and no. Find out more about what clay is and what types of clay there are.

How to Choose the Right Clay for You
There are so many choices of pottery clays, it can be baffling. How do you choose which clay is right for you and your needs as a potter? What do you need to know? How do you find out?

Problems With Clay Bodies
Problems with clay bodies can occur at any stage of pottery production. These clay body defects can usually, be avoided, however. For all of clay's versatility and incredible flexibility as a medium, it does need to be understood. Clay makes certain requirements of those who work with it, or problems will arise.

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