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How to Save Ugly Pots and Pottery Seconds

Readers share their methods of saving those ugly pots and pottery seconds that all of us potters have come out of the kiln once in a while.

Problematic Pottery Studios and Clay Spaces

Sometimes we have to work within the a pottery studio or clay space that is not optimal. How do you or have you dealt with a problematic pottery studio? What problems are you finding with your clay space for which you have not yet discovered an answer?

Users Talk Potter's Wheel Brands

Information makes shopping for a new potter's wheel easier. Read what others love (or hate) about the pottery wheel brands they have experience with.

Potter Suggestions for DIY Pottery Tools

DIY (Do It Youself) pottery tools have been around nearly as long as potters have! What DIY tools do you use?

Potters' Gift Projects and Ideas

Potters share their pieces and ideas for gifts projects.

Potters Share Successes and Plans

Potters talk about the things they have learned and share their plans for the future year.

Potters' Latest Firing Favorites

Potters show and tell us about favorite pot from their latest kiln firing. If you have one, please added it, too!

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