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Throwing the Pot
Mid-way through a throw on the potter's wheel, you can see the clay bend as it is thinned.

Mid-way through a throw on the potter's wheel, you can see the clay flex as it moves through the potter's hands, becoming thinner.

Beth E Peterson

Your wheel should be rotating at one quarter to half speed. Again, you need to keep the clay continually lubricated.

Keeping the knuckle joint straight, bend both forefingers into a crook. Place your right crooked forefinger at the outer base of the pot, right up against the wheel. Your left forefinger goes on the inside wall, lightly resting on the floor of the pot. This automatically positions your hands for the throw: left forefinger raised above the right forefinger about half an inch.

Keeping your hands in tandem, move them straight upward. By doing this, you are thinning the walls and stretching them upwards. This action is the actual throw. If the clay tries to move outward, slow your wheel speed.

Generally speaking, you should be aiming for a wall between a quarter and a half inch thick. Make a second throw, the same way as the first, unless your walls are already almost to the right thickness.

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