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The simple thrown cylinder offers a world of possibility in execution and decoration. The form of the cylinder can be altered during throwing or after the vase is off the wheel. The vase can be decorated with incising, impressing, underglazes, and glazes.
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Mid-range pottery vase, thrown and deformed, with rutile blue glaze.Vase Altered on the WheelMid-range pottery vase made on the wheel then deformed by paddling.Vase Altered by PaddlingMid-range pottery vase with faceting and shino and turquoise glazes.Faceted Thrown VaseMid-range pottery vase with stony matte and turquoise glazes.Vase with Stony Matte and Turquoise Glazes
Mid-range pottery vase with stony matte glaze.Vase with Stony Matte and Glossy DripsMid-range vase in brown and blue glazes.Brown and Blue Vase with Simple IncisingMid-range pottery vase with wide mouth and Chun Plum glaze.Wide-Mouthed VaseMid-range pottery vase with heavy slip used for texture.Vase With Slip Decoration
Mid-range vase with Albany slip and salt buff glazes.Vase with Visual and Actual Textural EffectDusty rose colored mid-range pottery vase.Vase with Dusty Rose GlazeDoughnut-shaped pottery vase created by Winstonlim of the Pottery Forum.Do-nut Vase by WinstonlimA handbuilt pottery vase, Red Tilted, created by Linda Spangler. Red Tilted Vase Hand Built by Linda Spangler
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