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How to Pack Pottery for Mailing and Shipping


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Complete the Packing of the Pottery to Be Shipped
Pottery that is packed, labeled, and ready to be mailed or shipped.

Pottery that is packed, labeled, and ready to be mailed or shipped. Note the placement of tape, label, and the removal of old labels.

Photo © 2008 Beth E Peterson

Once the pottery has been packed, it is time to complete the packaging ready for shipping or mailing. Before sealing the box, carefully look over each of its sides. Remove any old shipping labels, especially any that contain bar codes. Any bar codes or bar code fragments will confuse the machinery used to process your package.

Close the box so that the top lays flat. Do not interlace the flaps. Make certain that the outermost set of flaps meet without gaps or overlaps. If there are overlaps, add more packing material until the box is completely filled.

Holding the box firmly side to side and working at one end of the box, attach the shipping tape to the side of the box facing away from you. Draw the tape up and over the top of the box, keeping the flaps firmly in place. and down three to four inches on the side nearest you. Cut the tape free.

Do the same for the other end of the box. Then, do the same following the seam where the two flaps meet, so that the tape overlaps both sides of the seam. On the photo, the tape placement is highlighted with yellow arrows.

Place your label to the right on the top of the box. This leaves room for the postage or shipping labels. Double check to make certain all old labels and bar codes are removed. (Highlighted on the photo with red arrows.)

You are now ready to take your packed pottery to the post office or shipping service.

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