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The Firing Process

The heart of pottery is the heat of the kiln and the firing process. Without firing, clay will forever remain clay. It is through the high temperatures of firing that soft clay becomes durable ceramic. Explore that process.
  1. Firing the Kiln (5)
  2. Temperature, Clay, & Glazes (3)
  3. Kiln Atmospheres (2)

An Overview of the Firing Process
It is important to have an overview of the firing process. Firing clay transforms it from its humble, soft beginnings into a new substance, ceramic. Ceramics are tough, strong, and very similar in some ways to stone.

The Firing Process for Low-Fire Pottery
What are the steps involved in firing low-fire pottery? How do you get from bone dry, unfired pot of clay to a finished, glazed piece of pottery?

Top Five Reasons Pots Stick to Kiln Shelves
Do you know the top five reasons why pots stick to kiln shelves? Find out the reasons and how to avoid them! Knowing can save you hundreds of dollars in shelf replacement, as well as spare you the unhappiness and frustration of finding your pots welded to your kiln shelves.

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