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Pottery projects help you build skills, have fun, and make useful and interesting objects.
  1. Bi-Monthly Projects
  2. Hand Built Projects
  3. Throwing Projects
  4. Combination Projects

Bi-Monthly Projects

Pitchers are January 2009's Pottery Project.

Because pottery takes so long to bring from start to finished form, I've made the projects for this year go over two months. Every other month there is a new pottery project. These projects are geared to help you develop skills, explore new techniques, and push the envelope of how you work with the clay in your pottery studio.

Hand Built Projects

Coil pot with underglazes with dipped clear glaze on exterior and honey-colored glaze on interior.

Hand building is one of those things that every beginner can enjoy, and yet it still lends itself to masterful works of both functional and artistic merit. I hope you have as much fun hand building as I do.

Throwing Projects

Stoneware teapot by J.R.Lafferty.

It is magical to watch and feel something take shape beneath your hands as you work on the wheel. Even when we are just beginning to get a handle on the skills, throwing can be be fun and relaxing.

Combination Projects

After glazing, the pottery lamp is ready for the finishing touches.

Many projects in pottery use multiple methods of forming or shaping the clay. Adding hand built or modeled parts to thrown pots can make even the most commonplace form suddenly unique and exciting. Adding thrown components to hand built pieces can lend elegance to hand built pieces. The possibilities are limitless.

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