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Valentine's Day Pottery Projects

Gifts from the Heart and Hand


Valentine's Day is a day celebrating love. What better way to express your love than through gifts that come from your own heart, emerging into being through your own hand? Valentine's pottery is uniquely personal in a way few other gifts can match.

The Rose That Never Grows Dim

Pottery sculpture in the form of a white rose.
Photo © 2009 Beth E Peterson

Say it with flowers and pottery. This white rose was created by making a long, thin slab. Once the clay was at medium leather-hard, the slab was rolled at an angle so that one edge was joined and the other edge flared open. The bottom of the rose was then welded together and flattened, giving the sculpture a base to stand on.

The form was accented with small areas of a celadon glaze. Although this rose is white, terracotta clays will naturally produce a red-brown or red-orange rose. Underglazes and glazes can also be used to create the perfectly colored rose for your own loved one.

A Bowl Built for Two

Pottery bowl with decorate with underglazes and glazed with milky white and Chun Plum glazes.
Photo © 2009 Beth E Peterson

Are you thinking of giving candy to your beloved? Or perhaps indulging them with an intimate meal for two? One of the most romantic pieces of pottery can be the communal bowl. This bowl was made specifically for a romantic feast in which lovers feed each other delicious morsels from the same shared bowl.

This particular bowl was thrown off the mound, an elegant foot ring trimmed out, and decorated with free flowing designs using a brush and underglazes. A chun plum glaze was applied with on the interior and a milky glaze on the exterior.

Vases for Valentine's

A mid-range pottery vase holding a bouquet of flowers.
Photo © 2009 Beth E Peterson

Flowers, like romantic food, is a Valentine's Day tradition. Spark it into something utterly special through giving flowers in a vase you have crafted just for your beloved.

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