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Step-by-step projects for potters, from beginner through intermediate. Projects will include explorations into various hand building techniques, throwing on the wheel, and decorating techniques.
  1. Handbuilding Projects (12)
  2. Throwing Projects (10)
  3. Composite Projects (2)
  4. Pottery Gift Ideas (7)
  5. Bi-Monthly Projects (3)
  6. Pottery Project Galleries (13)

Before You Begin a Pottery Project
Before you begin a pottery project, take a few moments and a deep breath. As you get started, you should go through a few preliminary steps first.

Secrets of Making Pottery Sets
Potters often want to create sets of pots, especially in the realm of dinnerware. Sets of plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and so on are seen quite often. How do you go about making a set? What are the secrets to getting a series all the same?

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