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A Potpourri of Slip Decorating Techniques Part 1


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Slip Texturing
Textured slips can be used to decorate pottery.

Slips can have textures added to give an all-over effect, or applied to limited areas. In this instance, a textured slip made from the same clay as the pot was added to this thrown and altered pot, along with a non-textured white slip.

Photo © 2008 Beth E Peterson

One way of decorating pottery is to use slip texturing. Although we usually think of slip as being fine-textured and of an even consistency, this doesn't have to be the case.

Slips can have inclusions added such as grog or sand. They can also simply include clumps of the same clay as the slip itself, rather like lumps left in mashed potatoes.

These inclusions and clumps can be used for decorative effects. Textured slips can be applied in small, specific areas. They can be dripped or trailed using a brush. (The large particles will clog nozzles or syringe tips.) Textured slips can also be applied across an entire pot, rather like applying sanded stucco to a wall. Or, you can mix and match to achieve your own vision.

But this is not the end.... Continue on with A Potpourri of Slip Decorating Techniques Part 2.

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