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A Potpourri of Slip Decorating Techniques Part 2


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Mishima involves inlaying slips and is used to decorate pottery.

Mishima, or inlaying slip, can be used to give hard, clean lines to a design. Mishima also leaves the pottery with a flat, even surface.

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Decorating pottery using slip in the mishima technique is very similar to wood or stone inlay in its effect. First, the leather-hard clay is incised in the desired pattern. Contrasting slip is then applied to and forced into the incised design. Slip will need to overflow the incised designs, as the slip will shrink somewhat as it dries.

After the slip has stiffened, the entire area is scraped flush to the original surface level. This reveals the original clay body and the slip which remains embedded in the incised design.

Mishima can be a very elegant decorative technique. It is also notably for the ability to achieve hard edges and lines.

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