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A Potpourri of Slip Decorating Techniques Part 2


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Slip Stamping with Sponges
You can decorate pottery with slips that are stamped onto clay using sponges and soft foam.

Sponges and soft foam can be cut into shapes and used to stamp slips onto your pottery. Once washed out, the same stamp can be used to deliver the same shape in a different colored slip.

Photo © 2008 Beth E Peterson

Decorating pottery with slips has a deep history and a wealth of variations. In Part 1, we explored techniques that use applied slip, with little modification afterwards. Here in Part 2, we'll explore even more decorative techniques utilizing slip, but not just slips alone. Slips can be used in conjunction with other decorative techniques to great effect.

Besides slip trailing dispensers and brushes, slip can also be delivered to the damp or leather-hard clay using sponges. Large-pored sponges such as sea wool can be used to give a stippling effect.

Sponges can also be cut into shapes, dipped in slip on one side only, and the design stamped onto the ware's surface. Fine-grained synthetic sponges work best for this kind of stamping work.

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