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Share your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and constructive critiques on work done by various potters. This is not only valuable to you in learning to evaluate pottery, but also to others who read and think about what you have to say.

Potters Share Successes and Plans
Potters talk about the things they have learned and share their plans for the future year.

Potters' Latest Firing Favorites
Potters show and tell us about favorite pot from their latest kiln firing. If you have one, please added it, too!

Comments on Hanging Ornaments - Hanging Pottery Ornament Comments
Share your thoughts and comments on the Hanging Ornaments Pottery Project Gallery.

Comments on Footed Pots - Comments on Footed Pottery
Comments on the footed pots in the Footed Pottery Gallery.

Pumpkin Pottery Responses - Responses to Pumpkin Pottery
Responses and comments about the Pumpkin Pottery Gallery.

Sgraffito Pottery Gallery Comments
Your comments and thoughts on the sgraffito pottery projects in the gallery.

Comments on Pottery Plate Gallery
Comments and thoughts on the pottery plates in the Plate Gallery.

Reactions to Pottery Lamps Gallery
Reactions and comments on the Pottery Lamp Gallery.

Thoughts on Pottery Special Tableware
Comments and viewer thoughts on this gallery of special tableware created in pottery.

Comments on Guanches Pottery Gallery
Comments about the Guanches Pottery Gallery.

Comments on Mesoamerican Historical Pottery
Comments on the image gallery of historic Mesoamerican pottery and ceramics.

Comments on Hawaiian Turtles by Cindy Gilliland - Comments on Hawaiia…
Comments on Cindy Gilliland's pot, "Hawaiian Turtles".

Comments on Vines and Flowers Vase by Cindy Gilliland - Comments abou…
Comments about "Vines and Flowers Vase" by Cindy Gilliland.

Comments on Freeflow Pot by Brian - Comments about the Pot Fr…
Comments on the pot, Freeflow, by Brian.

Comments on Pottery Box Can Mountains Contain the Sky by Beth Peterso…
Comments on the pottery box, Can Mountains Contain the Sky, by Beth Peterson.

Comments on Spring Basket by Beth Peterson - Comments about the Potte…
Comments about the pottery form, "Spring Basket", by Beth Peterson.

Comments on Rattlesnake Pot by Sukhmandir Khalsa - Comments about Rat…
Comments about Rattlesnake Pot by Sukhmandir Khalsa.

Comments for Bird Lid Crock by KayPottery - Comments for Bird Lid Cro…
Comments about Bird Lid Crock made by KayPottery.

Comments on Folk Bird Platter by KayPottery - Comments on Folk Bird P…
Comments on Folk Bird Plate made by KayPottery.

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