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Safety in Ceramics

Safety is an issue when working with pottery or ceramics. Find out more about the safety issues involved.

Is Pottery Dangerous?
Working in clay may be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, but is it dangerous? Just as with all human activities (including walking down the street) there is some risk. All in all, however, pottery is much less hazardous than many people think. Find out how to avoid the risks.

Potter, Be Prepared for Emergencies
Have you heard of emergency preparedness? As a potter, are you ready if an emergency should occur in your own studio? What should you do to get prepared?

The Studio Protector, The Artist's Guide to Emergencies
The Studio Protector is a compact tool for artists, craftsmen, and artisans to help them become prepared and deal with any emergencies that may hit. Disaster and emergency preparedness is a "must-have".

Poisons in Pottery
There are poisons in pottery that potters need to be aware of. In this time of readily available information and safety equipment, it is only common sense to pay attention to what can harm yourself or those around you.

Use Your Kiln Safely
Kilns can be quite safe to use when you follow some basic precautions; however, kiln safety is a must. They do, after all, contain huge amounts of heat when in use. Because of the high temperatures, firing a kiln also does release volatiles into the air, many of which are toxic. Learn how to use your kiln safely.

Use Labels with Poisonous Ceramic Materials
The proper use and storage of ceramic materials help to ensure safety. Avoid dangerous exposure to poisonous ceramic materials and potentially harmful substances.

Control Dust in Your Pottery Studio
Dust is a pernicious problem in the ceramic arts. Simply because we work in clay, potters have a lot of dust to contend with. Control dust and avoid health risks.

Pottery Studio Fire Safety
Potters work with a lot of very high heat as a matter of course. Paper ignites at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. We work with kilns that can reach well over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Kilns may not be the the most likely potential fire hazard in your pottery studio, however. Be prepared and keep he heat under your control.

Do Wiring Checks in Your Pottery Studio
Wiring problems are no joke. They can cause catastrophic damages should they erupt into a full blown fire. Check the wiring in your pottery studio at least every three to six months to help ensure your studio's safety.

Reader Tips for Wiring Saftey Checks
Reader tips for safety checks on the wiring in your pottery studio.

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