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Pottery Tools You Can Make

Many pottery tools are very simple to make yourself. This can be very helpful, especially when you have specific needs or want to create specific effects.

Potter Suggestions for DIY Pottery Tools
DIY (Do It Youself) pottery tools have been around nearly as long as potters have! What DIY tools do you use? Please share! See submissions

How to Build a Wedging Table
A step by step description of how to build your own wedging table, which you can use for both wedging and reclaiming clay scraps.

Make a Pottery Shrinkage Ruler
Clay shrinks both in drying and in firing. Many times you may want to create your pottery so that it will be a certain size when it is done. Shrinkage rulers take the guess work out of making your pots the right size.

Make Particle Board Bats for Your Pottery Wheel
How to make inexpensive particle board bats for your potter's wheel.

How to Make a Cut-Off Wire
Emily Murphy's excellent article on how to make your own cut-off wires, including using them for special effects.

How to Make a Texture Roller
Emily Murphy demonstrates a fast, easy way to create a textured roller for use in decorating handbuilt pottery.

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