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Pottery Gifts for Those You Love


Share something you love (pottery) with those you love! What better way is there to celebrate how you feel about both?

I greatly appreciate how clay lends itself to me being able to express so much with it, especially when I am creating a meaningful gift for someone close to me. I think of who I am creating the item for each step of the way, trying to express my feelings through form and surface.

In a very real way, it feels like I am drawing even closer to that person as a make something special for them. I think you may find you have the same experience.

Keepsake Pendants

A keepsake pendant can be a great gift, especially if you incorporate aspects of your loved one's personality and the things they like within the design. Pendants are also versatile. Don't think of them as only gracing a chain around the neck; pendants have potential as keyring elements, pocket watch fobs, bracelet and anklet charms, as decor items (such as hanging from chandeliers or curtain swags), and holiday ornaments.

As you consider making a keepsake pendant, think about how it may be used. Should it be small? Should it be delicate in nature? Should it be large? Should it be bold and sturdy in design? Remember not to go with your very first idea, but explore the possibilities before deciding on the pendant's materials and design.

Keepsake Sculptures

Sometimes the best gift for a person is a pottery piece that is more sculptural than functional. Some of the best reactions to gifts I've made and given have been figures of animals, flowers, trees, and other objects.

when considering doing a keepsake sculpture, consider the flavor of the piece so that it will match your recipient's personality and style. For example, a whimsical sculpture won't be as greatly enjoyed if given to a very serious-minded person.

Sentiment Vases

Vases can be a special touch just by themselves, but when decorated --- or even shaped --- with words, phrases, and images that evoke emotional responses and memories they can become even more spectacular.

One of the great things about creating a sentiment vase is that you can meld form with actual words, phrases, or even full messages. Calligraphy on ceramics has a long tradition, including the stunning masterworks created in ancient Persia. (See my review of Lettering on Ceramics by Mary White.)

Sentiment Boxes

Sentiment boxes are a lot like sentiment vases, but even more unique (and more of a technical challenge). Boxes could be open or lidded, and you can added to your gift by filling them with edible treats, smaller gifts, or possibly a letter expressing yourself further about how you feel about the recipient and what they mean to you.

Take time to consider what forming method you want to use in creating your sentiment box. All forming methods can work: pinching, coiling, slab-building, as well as throwing. Also consider the possibility of altering a thrown form or using multiple forming methods to create the final form.

Sentiment Chimes

Again, you can tell your loved one what they really mean to you, including the music they bring into your life. Sentiment chimes add the added interest of sound, as well as usually being placed outside where others can share in the words you have chosen to say about your loved one.

Sentiment chimes can be rustic in feel, or extremely elegant. Before you begin designing the chimes themselves, be certain to take time and determine how you will hang them, what material(s) you will use, and how to attach the various components together so that the chimes will be set in such a way as to vibrate freely as they knock against each other.

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