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Pottery Gifts for Special Occasions


Gifts of pottery and ceramic art can elevate a gift from the ordinary to the extraordinary. As the creator of your gifts, you have the ability to make each gift the foundation of the kind of memories we all want to hold onto throughout our lives. What better way is there to make a special occasion even wonderful?

1. Gifts for Your Valentine

Pottery sculpture in the form of a white rose.
Photo © 2009 Beth E Peterson

Whether your relationship with your Valentine is new or of long standing, a special gift made by your own hands is a great way to show and share how you feel about that special person on Valentine's Day.

Quick suggestions:

  • the rose that never grows dim
  • a bowl built for two, and
  • Valentine vases
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2. Gifts for Weddings and Anniversaries

Celebrations of love and the union of two people are incredibly special in and of themselves. Even so, such special days can be made even more memorable by a carefully thought out and handcrafted gift of pottery.

Quick suggestions:

  • dated, personalized memory plates
  • extraordinary personalized ceramic service for two (plates, salad plates, goblets, bowls)
  • eight to twelve pottery place settings for everyday use (especially for younger newlyweds)
  • sentiment vases
  • ceramic wedding cake sculptures
  • twined names wall hanging, and
  • personalized and dated loving cups
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3. Gifts for Baby Showers

One of the greatest things that can happen in a family is the advent of another, new little member. You may have not thought of pottery as a natural baby gift, but I’ve got some thoughts of how you can indeed bring your love of pottery and merge it with some special gifts for baby and new parents.

Quick suggestions:

  • lidded diaper-pail jar
  • baby-changing organizer
  • burnished baby rattle
  • personalized baby's bowl, and
  • personalized set of parent's mugs
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