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Pottery Gift Ideas

As potters, we have a great opportunity to create gifts both from our own hands as well as from our hearts. Here is a collection of pottery gift ideas for special types of people and pottery gifts and projects for special occasions.

Pottery Gifts for Special Occasions
Gifts of pottery and ceramic art can elevate a gift from the ordinary to the extraordinary. As the creator of your gifts, you have the ability to make each gift the foundation of the kind of memories we all want to hold onto throughout our lives. What better way is there to make a special occasion even wonderful?

Pottery Gifts for Those You Love
Share something you love (pottery) with those you love! What better way is there to celebrate how you feel about both? I greatly appreciate how clay lends itself to me being able to express so much with it, especially when I am creating a meaningful gift for someone close to me.

Potters' Gift Projects and Ideas
Potters share their pieces and ideas for gifts projects.

Pottery Weddings and Anniversary Gifts
Weddings and anniversaries are wonderful times filled with the celebration of the love a couple has for one another. As potters, we have the ability to bring something extra special to these celebrations. Here is a collection of gift ideas to get you started.

Potter's Gifts for Gardeners
Potters can make great gifts for their gardener friends. Here is a collection of ideas for pottery you can make for your own favorite gardener. Do remember, however, to use a clay body that is built for outdoor weather. Generally a very tight stoneware or even porcelain is best, with glaze sealing the surface.

Valentine's Day Pottery Projects
Valentine's Day is a day celebrating love. What better way to express your love than through gifts that come from your own heart, emerging into being through your own hand? Valentine's pottery is uniquely personal in a way few other gifts can match.

Pottery Gifts for Baby Showers

Is there an upcoming baby shower in your future? Would you love to give the mom-to-be something extra special from your hands, as well as from your heart? Here are some gift ideas for potters to make for that special baby's arrival.

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