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Pottery Blogs

Blogs by and for potters are great places to connect with other potters from around the world. What a fantastic way to share viewpoints, experiences, and ideas.

Beth's Pottery Blog
This is the blog of Pottery Guide, Beth Peterson. Does it involve pottery or ceramics in some way? Beth will probably blog about it. Interesting news, tidbits, and tips.

This Day in Pottery History
"A bi-monthly journey down the byways of pottery history." Fun and educational at the same time.

Slipcast - The Ceramics Blog
Slipcast - The Ceramics Blog is the online home of Matthew Katz.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery
The blog of potter Cindy Gilliland: "Dirt-Kicker Pottery studio is located in beautiful Washoe Valley, Nevada. I enjoy making all types of ceramic art, but my favorite is wheel thrown functional pottery."

June Perry's Shambhala Pottery
The blog of potter June Perry, who creates elegant soda-fired ware.

Bulldog Pottery Blog
The blog of the potters at Bulldog Pottery, in Seagrove, North Carolina. Lovely work!

WhyNot Pottery Blog
Meredith Heywood, potter, keeps this blog, which is often filled with interesting tidbits from life and studio.

Steven Colby: Potter
Lovely work merging and balancing rich surfaces with earthenware form to create friendly, evocative pottery you wish you could reach through the monitor and hold in your hand.

A Devonshire Pottery
Tales of the goings on at Hollyford Pottery, near the tiny village of Stockleigh English in Devon, England told with great humor.

Yasuko's Ceramics
Delightful, highly detailed work by Yasuko Mayhew, a potter based in Spokane, WA.

Colorado Art Studio
The blog of potter Cynthia Guajardo, who makes pottery, tiles, and ceramic jewelry.

Tom Gray's Pottery Blog
Tom Gray is potter, dad, gardener, and cook. His blog explores all his interests.

Kreeger Pottery Blog
Up-to-date blog of a potter -- conversational and real. I appreciate Keith's honest voice. Great look at what it is to be a potter.

Pottery Blog: Emily Murphy
A potter in Chicago IL, Emily Murphy keeps a blog on pottery and working with clay.

Michael Mahan, Potter
The blog of Michael Mahan, a potter from Seagrove, NC.

ThatsArte.com Pottery Blog
Covers Italian ceramics, including history, current events, and exhibitions. Written in English.

Webb Pottery: Pottery & Art Blog and Studio Journal
A studio potter in Magnolia Springs, AL, Anne Webb writes on pottery and art.

Avery Pottery and Tileworks
A blog exploring the lives of a potter, a tilemaker, a little boy, a dog, some chickens, fifteen acres and their place in the country.

The Pondering Potter
The blog of Renee Margocee, a studio potter from Charleston, WV.

Josie Goes to Pot
Based in Berkeley CA, Josie Jurczenia shares her journey with clay.

Art Pottery Blog
Art Pottery Blog is geared toward collectors and dealers in art pottery, but may be of interest to the potter as well.

Pottery: Mashiko Potter
A potter working in Minnesota and Japan, Lee Love’s blog mainly shows his work.

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