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Where to Find a Potter's Wheel


You may know how to buy the right wheel for you, but where do you find it? After all, you won't find a potter's wheel at your local hardware store, and most arts and crafts stores don not carry them, either.

Find Potter's Wheels Locally - New & Used

You can sometimes find a good potter's wheel locally.
  • Check your newspaper's classified section under arts and crafts and miscellaneous items for sale.
  • Check local artist supply stores (check your local yellow pages under "Artist Supplies"); they often have a community bulletin board, even if they don't carry potter's wheels.
  • If you are lucky enough to live near a larger retail ceramic supplier (check your local yellow pages under "Pottery Supplies"), you may save money on the shipping charges if you buy from them.

Craigslist - Used

Craigslist.org lists all sorts of things. Start by choosing your region or state. Craigslist may then ask you to narrow down to areas within that region. Once you have your locality pinpointed, look for the "For Sale" list and click on "Arts and Crafts."

This list will almost certainly be quite extensive. At the top of the page, type "potter wheel" in the search text box and click the Search button. (By using "potter wheel," you'll get both "potter's wheel" and "pottery wheel" listings.) Again, these will almost always be used wheels.

Ceramic and Pottery Suppliers - New

Ceramic and pottery suppliers often carry several brands of new potter's wheels, and some may also have a selection of used wheels for sale. For an online search of a ceramic and pottery supplier in your area, use a search string such as "pottery supplies XYZ," inserting your locality (e.g. large city, state, or country) instead of XYZ.

Pottery Magazines and Newsletters - New & Used

Most pottery magazines and association newsletters are a wealth of information. Nearly all of the magazines have advertisements in the body of the magazine which can be helpful in locating suppliers. Several magazines and newsletters also have classified sections such as those below, which are online as well as in print.
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