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Potter's Wheels

You will want a potter's wheel if you want to throw clay. Find out more about the different types of wheels here.

6 Aspects of Electric Potter's Wheels
In the thousands of years pottery has been practiced, one of the farthest reaching innovations was the introduction of electric-powered potter's wheels (pottery wheels). Electric potter's wheels allow potters to produce volumes of work even faster than before.

Know About Kickwheels
Potter's wheels (pottery wheels) have been used for thousands of years. Some have been powered by hand and others by foot, but all have had one thing in common: a heavy flywheel used to build up and store momentum and torque. One version, the kickwheel, is the most common form of human-powered wheel used by modern potters in the United States today.

Major Pottery Wheel Brands
Information is often the key to successful shopping, especially when you are shopping for an expensive and important piece of equipment like a pottery wheel. There are several major brands of potter's wheels. This article will introduce you to them and give you some of the background scoop on each.

Users Talk Potter's Wheel Brands
Information makes shopping for a new potter's wheel easier. Read what others love (or hate) about the pottery wheel brands they have experience with. See submissions

Pacifica, Axner, and Lockerbie Potter's Wheels
Pacifica, Axner, and Lockerbie pottery wheels have been used by potters for years. Here is information concerning models and their specifications.

Shimpo Pottery Wheels
Shimpo pottery wheels have long had the reputation of being the quietest electric wheels on the market. All four of their current models continue that reputation.

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