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Sprigging is an ancient technique that can really open the door to all sorts of inventive ways to decorate pottery and ceramic pieces. It is also surprisingly easy. Basically, sprigging simply means to add more clay to the main pottery form while it is still damp.

This can be

  • thin additions of a contrasting-colored clay to create a cameo-like effect,
  • free modeling of additions such are often used in the making of face mugs and jugs,
  • the addition of sprigs that were press molded, such as additions often added to commercial ware in the 1700s through the early 1900s.

Try your own hand at this extremely versatile decorative technique!

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Sprigged pottery roses and vines show the three dimensionality that sprigging can add.Sprigged Pottery Project InstructionsThis is a pottery lamp decorated with sprigged flower made by blackdachshund (of the Pottery Forum).Flower Pottery Lamp by BlackdachshundA lovely flowered pottery cake plate made by Chris Ortbals. Cake Plate by Chris OrtbalsA sprigged pottery oil lamp created by potter Sharrie Booth.Sprigged Pocket Oil Lamp by Sharrie Booth
A sprigged lidded pot by Sharrie Booth.Sprigged Lidded Pot by Sharrie BoothAdd your piece to this project gallery.Add Your Work to the Project Gallery!
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