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Mishima has been practiced around the world for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. This decorative technique involves incising a design, then filling it in with a contrasting slip.

Sgraffito is another pottery decorating technique dating back thousands of years. In it, contrasting colors of slip are layered upon a clay pot or object. Once leather-hard, the slip is incised down into the underlying clay body, giving both a color and textural change.

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A collection of pottery demonstrating the sgraffito technique.Mishima and Sgraffito Project InstructionsAn earthenware pottery bread cloche decorated with a mishima design. Mishima Bread Cloche by Beth PetersonThis pot, Hawaiian Petroglyphs Jar, by Cindy Gilliland uses the sgraffito technique.Hawaiian Petroglyphs Jar by Cindy GillilandPottery fish carcass using sgraffito technique, created by Chloé Untrau.Fish Carcass Sgraffito by Chloé Untrau
A pottery cup by Beth Peterson depicting mountains, decorated in the sgraffito technique. Sgraffito Mountain Cup by Beth PetersonA slab-built pottery box by Beth Peterson decorated in the sgraffito technique.Sgraffito Mountain Box by Beth PetersonA pottery sgraffito pitcher by Marcia Gomez. Sgraffito Pitcher by Marcia GomezA sgraffito pottery vase with crane decoration created by potter Patty Storms of Lakeside Pottery.Sgraffito Cranes Vase by Patty Storms
Sgraffito fish bowls created by potter Patty Storms of Lakeside Pottery.Sgraffito Fish Bowls by Patty StormsSgraffito pottery box decorated with a lizard, created by Patty Storms of Lakeside Pottery.Sgraffito Lizard Box by Patty StormsAdd your piece to this project gallery.Add Your Sgraffito Project to the Gallery!

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