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Use Sculptural Techniques in Your Pottery


Clay is one of the oldest, foremost mediums used to create three dimensional images. Use this project as a jump start into exploring the sculptural aspects of clay. The goal is to move past purely functional ware and into the more obvious artistic side of clay. Abstract, realistic, and caricature pieces are fair game in this project.

Clay is in three dimensions, so this is a great project to help you consciously work with the three-dimensional elements and design of your piece's form.

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A glazed pottery pouring vessel in the form of a fish from the Liao Dynaasty in China.Sculpture and Sculptural PotteryThis pot is made in the form of a serpent or rattlesnake. It was created by Sukhmandir Khalsa.Rattlesnake Pot by Sukhmandir KhalsaA pottery crock with a bird on the lid by KayPottery.Crock with Bird Lid by KayPotteryThis pottery turtle vessel was created by Janet White.Turtle Vessel by Janet White
"Kitchen Garden Faces," a pottery vessel created by Ioulia Mezentseva.Kitchen Garden Faces by Ioulia MezentsevaThis pottery cookie jar by Andrew Bornman, entitled "Cookis", is in the shape of a dog. "Cookis" Dog Cookie Jar by Andrew Bornman"SMAK" is a pottery water fountain created by Daniel Bowden.Pottery Water Fountain by Daniel Bowden"Everybody Knows" pottery sculpture was created by Linda Spangler.Everybody Knows Sculpture by Linda Spangler
"Twisted Sister Solidarity" is a pottery sculpture that was thrown on the pottery wheel.Twisted Sister Solidarity by Beth PetersonThis pottery Dragon Oil Lamp was created by Sharrie Booth.Dragon Oil Lamp by Sharrie Booth"The Wave" ceramic sculpture created by Chris Bouma. Wave Ceramic Sculpture by Chris Bouma"Waves" is a pottery sculpture created by Chris Bouma.Waves Pottery Sculpture by Chris Bouma

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