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Connect with Fellow Potters

Connecting other people who work with clay can be very gratifying. Face-to-face and online, discovering what other potters have to share is a fantastic experience. They can teach us new techniques, give us insight into our craft, inspire us, and help us lift into higher levels of artistry and craftsmanship.
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Six Ways to Find Potters
Other potters can be a great source of helpful information and encouragement. But where do you find them?

How to Email Submissions to Pottery
It is exciting to share your work with others and it benefits you as well as those who see your work. You can easily share your work. Email photos of your ceramic work to be included in a pottery project gallery.

Pottery Calendar from Ceramics Arts Daily
Ceramics Arts Daily has a great new calendar of events for potters. The calendar includes conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and fairs. What a great way to find other potters!

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