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Magazines for Potters

Find the right magazine(s) for you. Here are the sites of magazines for potters and ceramists.

Ceramics Monthly
Ceramics Monthly is a full-color magazine covering the gamete of the art and craft of studio ceramics. It is published in the USA ten times during the year.

Pottery Making Illustrated
Pottery Making Illustrated bills itself as the world’s number one ceramics techniques magazine. It offers practical information on every aspect of pottery making. Published in the USA six times per year.

Into Ceramics Online Magazine
"Into Ceramics" is a free online magazine published in South Africa and striving for an international flavor. Strong articles and very well illustrated.

Clay Times
Clay Times covers both technical and aesthetic aspects of working with clay. Published in the USA six times per year.

Ceramics Technical
The Ceramics Technical periodical focuses on the practical side of creating with clay. Published in Australia.

Ceramics: Art & Perception
Ceramics: Art & Perception focuses on the artistic and aesthetic values of ceramic arts. Published in Australia quarterly.

Ceramic Review
Ceramic Review offers a mix of articles on the practical and aesthetic aspects of ceramic art and craft around the world. Published in the UK six times per year.

The Studio Potter
The Studio Potter is geared toward professional potters, ceramists, educators, historians, and collectors. It focuses on critical issues of aesthetics, technology, history, and personal development. Published in the USA twice each year.

Crafts Magazine
Based in the UK, "Crafts Magazine" offers (in their own words) "News, opinion and a little bit of gossip from the world of contemporary craft."

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