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A Wealth of Pottery Traditions and History


As potters today, the history of our craft and art can inspire us, lead us to try new techniques, and open up creative possibilities. The ancient Greek civilizations developed a myraid of pottery forms and traditions. In this image gallery, we will explore just a sampling of some of that rich tradition.
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Ancient Greek pottery alabastron, a long vessel used to hold perfumed oils for use after bathing.AlabastronAncient Greek pottery amphora from Attica, made using the black-figure technique.Attic AmphoraAncient Greek pottery black-figure amphora made in Athens about 520 - 500 BC. Black Figure AmphoraAncient Greek pottery neck-amphora, one of the many types of amphorae, or storage jars.Neck-Amphora
Ancient Greek pottery neck amphora now residing at the British Museum in London.Neck-Amphora 2Ancient Greek pottery neck amphora showing a sowrdsman. Amphora Shwowing a Swordsman Ancient Greek pottery black-figured amphora decorated with dancing satyrs and maenads.Amphora DecorationAncient Greek pottery amphoriskos, or small jug, showing animals and a siren.Corinthian Amphoriskos
Ancient Greek pottery amphoriskos formed in the shape of seashells. Shell AmphoriskoiAncient Greek pottery aryballos, a small jug used to carry perfumes and oil. Pyriform AryballosAncient Greek pottery askos, a flask form developed from animal-skin wine sacks.AskosAncient Greek pottery calyx krater, a vessel used to mix water into wine.Calyx-Krater
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