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Historical Pottery

Pottery and ceramics have a history almost as long as humankind's. Ancient and historical pottery give us a legacy that offers a wealth of inspiration, intrigue, and enjoyment. Learning about historical pottery is our way of connecting with the potters of the past.

Ancient Egyptian Pottery and Ceramics
A gallery of ancient Egyptian pottery and ceramics, demonstrating the craftsmanship of these ancient potters.

Historical Pottery from New York City
Take a look into the past with historical pottery excavated from New York City, specifically from the site for the South Ferry transit station.

Mesoamerican Pottery
A gallery of Mesoamerican pottery vessels and figures.

Ancient Greek Pottery
Images of ancient Greek pottery showing a diversity of types from alabastron to stauettes.

Pottery of the Guanches People
Gallery of pottery created by the Guanches people of the Canary Islands.

Ceramic Gravestones in Missouri and Kansas
Gary Conwell tells of finding ceramic and pottery grave markers, headstones, gravestones, and tombstones from the early 1900's in Missouri and Kansas cemeteries.

The First Porcelain Produced in Europe
This is the story of the first production of porcelain in Europe. After porcelain pottery was first imported from China to Europe, European potters tried for many long years to replicate the porcelain clay body.

A Mountain of Magical Clay
Where was porcelain clay first discovered, and who made this discovery? Here is a story of the first porcelain clay bodies.

The Legend of How German Salt Glazing Began
German potters began salt glazing in the late 1300's or early 1400's in the Rhineland. Here is a legend about how it all came about.

Legend of the First Copper Red Glazes
A legend describing how the first copper red glazes were discovered.

Tale of the Dragon Flask
Fictional account of the making of a prized porcelain dragon flask during the Ming Dynasty in China.

The Invention of Pottery
Kris Hirst, the About.com Guide to Archeology, tells us about the beginnings of ceramics in this article.

Ceramics in Archeology
Ceramics in archeology are used to speak to us about how ancient peoples lived, their culture, and their history. How do archaeologists look at pottery? Os it only from the stance of science, or does pottery speak to them as individuals as well?

Ancient Chinese Pottery and Ceramics
A look at ancient Chinese pottery, from the Neolithic to the Tang Dynasty by About.com's Ancient History Guide, N.S. Gill.

Types of Greek Pottery
About.com Ancient History Guide N.S. Gill gives a good overview at various types of Greek pottery.

Introduction to Red-Figure Greek Pottery
N.S. Gill, Guide to Ancient History, tells about red-figure pottery from ancient Greece and four of the most famous vase painters of it.

Emperor Qin's Terracotta Army
K. Kris Hirst, About.com's Archaeology Guide, introduces us to the wondrous army of terracotta soldiers, horses, and charioteers that was created between about 246 BC and 209 BC in what is now China.

A Walking Tour of the Terracotta Army
K. Kris Hirst, Archaeology Guide at About.com, presents a walking tour of the excavations of the terracotta army of Emperor Qin.

Islamic Lusterware
Islamic lusterware was first developed in the 8th century BC, and has a rich tradition. This image gallery presented by Archaeology Guide, K.Kris Hisrt, explores its history.

Ceramics is Mainland Southeast Asia
This is the online catalogue of the Freer and Sackler Galleries (both of the Smithsonian) Southeast Asian ceramics collections.

Old and Antique Pottery
This site offers information on manufactured art pottery, including a guide to identifying unmarked American manufactured pottery. The site is information only, no sales, no ads. A great resource for manufactured art pottery.

The Scottish Pottery Society (Historical)
Formed in 1972, the Scottish Pottery Society seeks to encourage research into the history and products of the Scottish pottery industry, which lasted for about two hundred years beginning in 1748. Besides their online presence, they have three branches: Glasgow, Stirling, and Edinburgh.

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