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Review of Coyote Cone 6 Glazes

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This photograph shows Coyote cone six glazes and a couple pots glazed with them.

This photograph shows Coyote cone six glazes and a couple pots glazed with them.

Photo © 2009 Beth E Peterson

The Bottom Line

I found Coyote glazes to be dependable and quite pleasing. I highly recommend these glazes for those who like working in mid-range in an electric kiln. They are especially likely to please those working with mid-range stoneware who are looking for the depth and richness in their glazes that is usually associated with high-fire reduction stoneware.


  • Available in a wide range of quanity sizes, allowing trials as well as big batches.
  • Exciting textured glazes, lovely mattes, and very interesting crawl glazes available.


  • May have a hard time finding it at a local pottery supply retailer, but worth asking for.
  • Crawl glazes may have some pop-offs.


  • Cone six glazes (Orton system) developed for firing in electric kilns. Just under a hundred glazes, from glossy to crawls.
  • Liquid ready-to-use glaze available in pints, gallons and 3 gallon buckets. Dry glaze available in 10 pounds and 25 pounds.
  • All glazes are lead free. As always with glazes, avoid inhalation. Check labels for more information and food safety.
  • Sample sets are available. Sets 2 - 5 include 12 glazes in 4 oz. jars. Sample Set #1 includes all 96 glazes in 4 oz. jars.

Guide Review - Review of Coyote Cone 6 Glazes

Coyote glazes have a wide range of surface and visual textures. At the time of this writing, they have just under one hundred glazes. Colors range from eggshell to black, with virtually every color represented, including reds, yellows, and oranges. Textures also have a wide range, from high gloss through satin matte, matte, and crawl (reticulated) glazes.

I found these glazes a pleasure to work with. All the glazes have a character that is reminiscent of high-fire reduction glazes. Many of the gloss glazes are also highly textured visually, adding to their appeal to those who like traditional stoneware glazes.

The satin matte glazes and matte glazes have a lovely feel in the hand. Although the color might seem to be in danger of becoming flat, I found that with these glazes the colors are so pleasing in themselves as to remain highly agreeable. They are not garish. In addition, they work very well with each other when teamed with other Coyote glazes. For example, Waxy Lavender teams very we;; with Violet, and Seafoam Satin teams extremely well with Forest Satin.

I did have some glaze pop-offs with the heavily reticulated crawl glaze I tested, but that was not unexpected. Pop-offs were one sixteenth of an inch or smaller in diameter. Be certain when using any of the crawl glazes that kiln shelves and other ware are protected, as some of my pop-offs did travel several inches away from the original surface.

I had first heard about these glazes from other potters who loved them. Overall, I have to agree. These are lovely, exciting mid-range glazes that work very well in an oxidation firing, such as in an electric kiln. They work well with most mid-range clay bodies.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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