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Glaze Reviews

Glazes are a huge part of the potter's creative arsenal. Commercial glazes are becoming used more and more. Here are reviews of several pottery glazes.

Review of Coyote Cone 6 Glazes
The Pottery Guide's review of Coyote Color and Clay cone six oxidation glazes.

Amaco F Series Glazes
Review of Amaco's F Series glazes. These lead-free glazes give good results for low-fire ceramics.

Spectrum 800 Series Low-Fire Glazes
Spectrum's 800-Series low-fire ceramic glazes are semi-transparent gloss glazes that fire from cone 04-06.

Speedball Low-Fire Earthenware Glazes
Speedball's low-fire ceramic earthenware glazes are glossy glazes and are dinnerware safe when used and fired as directed.

Amaco PC Series Glazes
Review of Amaco's PC (Potter's Choice) Series glazes. These lead-free glazes give good results for mid-range ceramics.

Amaco Pompeian Ash Glazes
Review of Amaco's Pompeian Ash glaze series, mid-range, oxidation glazes that mimic traditional ash glaze behavior.

Spectrum Textured Mid-Range Glazes
Review of Spectrum's mid-range, textured glazes. These glazes are made for visual interest and depth.

Duncan Renaissance Cone 5-6 Glazes
A review of Duncan's Renaissance Glaze series, a group of semi-gloss to semi-matte mid-range glazes.

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