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Techniques Used to Create Interesting Pottery


Creating exciting pottery requires a knowledge of pottery techniques, beyond the skills involved in forming the basic shape of the pot. Here we will explore those techniques so you can use them to your pottery's benefit.
  1. Surface Decorating Techniques
  2. Applied Liquid Decoration
  3. Firing Pottery

Surface Decorating Techniques

Modeling tools are used to make impressions in clay.

Pottery is a fascinating blend of three dimensional form and two dimensional surface. One of the facets of this combination is the ability we as potters and ceramists have in working with both at the same time.

Applied Liquid Decoration

Underglaze painting done on pot, then covered with a celadon glaze.

Glazes are the most commonly thought of form of liquid decoration that is applied to a pottery form. There are other decorative liquids that are available as well, however. These should not be overlooked.

Firing Pottery

Kiln furniture and pottery stacked for a bisque firing.

Some of the most important techniques and skills a potter needs are those involved in transforming their simple unfired clay pots. Once fired to a high enough temperature, clay can never be clay again. It has entered the realm of ceramics.

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