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Coil Pots

Coil pots have been made for thousands of years. Coiling is still a fun and versatile method of creating pottery today.

The Basics of Building Coil Pots
Even those who are new to clay are able to make large and intriguing pottery using the coil method of handbuilding. This is not just a method for new potters, however. Coiling is extremely versatile.

Paddle and Anvil and Rib and Hand Techniques
Once the initial coil pot has been created, the potter may want to smooth away some of the vigorous texture left from the welding process. Two common methods to do this are the paddle and anvil technique and the rib and hand technique.

How to Create Spans for Multiple Openings in Coiled Pottery
How-to directions to create spans for multiple openings when building coiled pottery.

Lidded Coil Pots
Photos of interesting coil pots made by students at the American School in Japan.

Ripon High Coil Pots
Examples of coiled pots from the students at Ripon High School. Note the variety of surface decoration, as well as the adaptations of one basic form.

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