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How to Open Clay while Throwing


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Straighten the Pot's Walls while Throwing on the Wheel
Straighten the pot's walls while throwing on the wheel.

After opening the pot and before throwing the walls, straighten the pot's walls.

Photo © 2008 Janet L. Giles

Now that the floor has been created, place your right hand on the outside and your left hand on the inside of your pot-to-be. The wheel should be slowed to between quarter and half speed, and the clay kept well lubricated.

Your hands should be exactly opposite from each other so that they are together with the clay moving between them. Gently push the clay from both sides so that the walls straighten upwards and become even in thickness from top to bottom.

If you are throwing a pot that narrows at the top, you may want to straighten the walls so that they form a truncated cone instead of a vertical cylinder. This will make it easier to control the shape as you throw.

Use a sponge to remove all excess liquid from the floor of the pot. Your pot is now open and ready for the first throw.

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