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Review of the Giffin Grip

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The Giffin Grip is a pottery tool used in the trimming of pots.

The Giffin Grip is a pottery tool used in the trimming of pots. Here it is securing a pot that could present problems otherwise.

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The Bottom Line

Trimming the bottoms of leather hard pots can be a very trying experience. Problems can occur in re-centering the pot, as well as in getting the pot firmly secured to the wheel. The Giffin Grip solves both those problems admirably.


  • Makes re-centering a pot for trimming much easier.
  • Can handle odd shapes.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • If you do minimal trimming, the monetary investment for this tool may be high.


  • Heavy-duty dual plastic discs attach to the wheel and the pot to be trimmed. Fits practically any potter's wheel.
  • Instructions, diagrams, and all hardware included. Assembly requires a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Includes attachments for extra wide pots and a large variety of pot heights.

Guide Review - Review of the Giffin Grip

Although I had heard only good things about the Giffin Grip, I was surprised at how much this one tool has changed my perspective on trimming pots.

The Giffin Grip began to impress me even before I began using it. The packaging was simple, direct, and extremely efficient. The directions seemed awfully short, as if steps were skipped, and yet I found that was not the case. The Giffin Grip itself is also simple, direct, efficient, and ingenious. Assembly was very straight-forward and took me about ten minutes, including the time I took adjusting the tool to fit my wheelhead.

I had thrown several pots, specifically for the purpose of putting the Giffin Grip through its paces. Tall pots, short pots, wide pots, narrow pots, and even pots with varying degrees of deformation of the original thrown shape.

The Grip handled them all with aplomb. When needed, I was able to change attachments with complete ease and in a matter of seconds. This truly facilitated getting the perfect match for each pot quickly.

I trimmed at low speeds, high speeds, and everything in between. There was no chattering or pots flung across the room, although I did find myself steadying a couple of tall forms with a finger as I trimmed.

I have never enjoyed the process of trimming leather hard pots, and have in fact avoided it as a chore. However, after working with the Giffin Grip, I find that distaste has dissipated. I am now actually enjoying myself while trimming. In my opinion, the Giffin Grip is a fine tool that truly does match its excellent reputation.

For more about the Giffin Grip, see it's homepage at giffingrip.com.

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