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"Throwing and Handbuilding" Reviewed

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Cover image of the book, 'Throwing and Handbuilding'.

Cover image of the book, 'Throwing and Handbuilding'.

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The Bottom Line

This book will probably be of more interest to intermediate and advanced clay workers. Although it could have benefited from more input from the editor, this collection of articles have a lot to offer, both in introducing techniques and ideas for those who throw on the wheel or who hand build. If you don't have back issues of Ceramics Monthly or Pottery Making Illustrated, this book is well worth considering.
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  • Hard to dip into this book without finding something interesting.
  • Huge variety and breadth of ideas, techniques, and styles.


  • Articles are reprinted from Ceramics Monthly and Potttery Making Illustrated, so may be redundant.
  • Transitions or article introductions would have reduced choppiness.


  • Paperback, 8.5 by 11 inches, 134 pages, published 2007, well-illustrated. Edited by Anderson Turner.
  • Contains twenty-four articles originally published in either Ceramics Monthly or Pottery Making Illustrated magazines.
  • Offers descriptions of various techniques, aesthetic inspiration, and technical know-how.

Guide Review - "Throwing and Handbuilding" Reviewed

Throwing and Handbuilding: Forming Techniques is a compilation of articles drawn from past issues of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. It covers diverse areas from sculptural, vessel forms, and functional work.

Overall, Throwing and Handbuilding has a great deal to offer, especially to intermediate and advanced potters and ceramicists. The focus is primarily on techniques, but the book also offers aesthetic and technical information as well.

My one criticism of this book is a certain disjointed feeling I as a reader got as I moved through these very diverse articles. I think the book could have been enhanced if editor Anderson Turner had added transitional or introductory passages.

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