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Speedball Low-Fire Earthenware Glazes

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Speedball's low-fire ceramic earthenware glazes are glossy, intensely colored glazes.

Speedball's low-fire ceramic earthenware glazes are glossy glazes and are dinnerware safe when used and fired as directed.

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The Bottom Line

These are satisfactory low-fire glazes, but not outstanding. Their consistency in the jar is heavy and requires they be thinned with water or the user makes a change in application technique. Finished color and surface seem overly sensitive to raw coat thickness.


  • Reliable results with even coats.


  • Application must be very even for good results.
  • Must either thin glaze or brush carefully to even coat out.


  • Lead-free, cone 06-05 glazes. All glazes are dinnerware safe when fired as directed.
  • Available in 16 oz. non-breakable plastic jars. Jars are squat and stack for easy storage.
  • Glazes concentrated. Probably will need to thin with water before applying.

Guide Review - Speedball Low-Fire Earthenware Glazes

I liked a few of these glazes, but the majority leave me cold. Many of these glazes are visually heavy; colors can be dense and dark. The more opaque of these glazes have a harshness in their colors that I find off-putting.

Of the Speedball Earthenware glazes, the ones I liked the most by way and far were the semi-transparent glazes such as Honey. The colors were not as dark and foreboding and the glazes' visual depth allowed for more visual interest.

On the plus side, these glazes fire the same every time (given the raw coat was applied in the same way). I overfired several deliberately and can say they were able to handle a little pushing of the limits. Their worst sensitivity is clearly during the application process.

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