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Amaco F Series Glazes

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Amaco's F series glazes give good results for low-fire ceramics.

Amaco's F series glazes give good results for low-fire ceramics.

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The Bottom Line

These are very intensely colored high-gloss, low-fire glazes. Colors are rich, in and of themselves, but may be overwhelming in large surface areas. Glaze depth for many ends at the surface, although some do allow the eye to travel further into the glaze.


  • Bright, intensely colored high-gloss glazes.
  • Easy to work with and safe to use with kids (with one exception).
  • Low-fire, so more economical when firing.


  • Some colors can be flat and a bit garish.
  • Glaze application needs to be even.


  • Lead-free, cone 05-06 glazes. All glazes are dinnerware safe when fired to cone 05 or 06, expect for Christmas Tree Green.
  • Semi-opaque, high gloss glazes. Intense, brilliant colors. Best when applied to cone 04 bisque and glaze fired to cone 05.
  • Available in ready-to-use in liquid pints. Comes in non-breakable plastic containers. Sold in separate units or in sets.
  • F-Series Class Pack 6 Pints: Black, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Red, Lemon Yellow, and Orange.
  • F-Series Class Pack 12 Pints: 6 from above plus Clear Transparent, White, Chocolate, Chrome Green, Rose, and Burgundy.

Guide Review - Amaco F Series Glazes

Amaco's F Series of low-fire glazes is like a circus --- bright, lots of gloss, and an intensity that borders on the surreal. I can certainly see how kids will be attracted to these bright, wonderful colors, as well as adults.

Because the colors are so intense, these glazes do need to be used with care by the hobbyist potter. They are likely to overwhelm the form of the pot they are used on, especially if one color is used over a large area.

Also, although all these are listed as semi-opaque glazes, some are more opaque than others. The more opaque glazes stop the eye at the surface. Some of the more transparent of these glazes, though, do allow the eye to travel all the way to the surface of the clay. This allows for a much richer visual experience, which I personally appreciate. When the pot has interesting surface variation, these more transparent glazes, with their intense native color, can really help the design in the clay's underlying surface sing.

I would also caution you that these glazes really do want an even application. Uneven application can lead to awkward spottiness in the finished glaze.

Overall, these glazes can bring loads of color to your low-fire palette. They are dependable, straight-forward to use, and very lively in color.

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