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Throw Clay and Pots - Pottery - About.com
The entire process of forming a pot out of clay on the potter's wheel is generally called throwing. There are several steps within that process, such as centering, ...
Characteristics of Throwing Clay Bodies - Pottery - About.com
Throwing on the potter's wheel makes some heavy demands on clay bodies. There are three key characteristics necessary for a clay body to work well for ...
What is Throwing on the Potter's Wheel? - Pottery - About.com
I had envisioned a potter's wheel going full speed and some hapless person literally throwing a piece of clay onto its surface with enough force to somehow ...
Mac Wilkins' Throwing Tips - Track and Field - About.com
Former discus throw world record-holder and 1976 Olympic gold medalist Mac Wilkins turned to coaching shortly after his track and field career ended. Wilkins ...
Advanced Dart Throwing Tips - Darts - About.com
So, you've just got into darts, and you've learned the basics of how to throw darts. You might even be getting quite good at the great game that is darts, and ...
Step-By-Step Discus Throw Technique - Track and Field - About.com
Take a look at this step-by-step instruction in basic discus throw technique.
Introduction to Javelin Throwing - Track and Field - About.com
Javelin throwing requires speed and rhythm on the approach, as well as strength. According to IAAF rules, the javelin must be held at the grip and thrown over ...
Illustrated Javelin Throwing Technique - Track and Field - About.com
Javelin throwing can be stressful on your arm and shoulder, so proper technique is particularly important in this event. The following introduction to javelin ...
"Why does my shoulder hurt when throwing?"
May 30, 2014 ... Shoulder pain when throwing a ball is a common complaint and can be a frustrating problem. Shoulder pain because of throwing can have ...
Beginner's Track and Field - Learning the Discus Throw
As with the shot put, girls will throw the same size discus as women, weighing 1 kg (about 2.2 pounds). While senior men throw a 2-kg discus, and junior ...
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