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Characteristics of Throwing Clay Bodies - Pottery - About.com
Throwing on the potter's wheel makes some heavy demands on clay bodies. There are three key characteristics necessary for a clay body to work well for ...
What is Throwing on the Potter's Wheel? - Pottery - About.com
I had envisioned a potter's wheel going full speed and some hapless person literally throwing a piece of clay onto its surface with enough force to somehow ...
How to Open Clay while Throwing - Pottery - About.com
How you open the clay on the potter's wheel will effect the rest of the throwing process. If rushed or done with poor hand placement, the pot may be doomed to  ...
"Why does my shoulder hurt when throwing?"
Dec 16, 2014 ... Shoulder pain when throwing a ball is a common complaint and can be a frustrating problem. Shoulder pain because of throwing can have ...
Throw or Pull Up the Pot's Walls while Throwing - How to ... - Pottery
How to throw or pull up the pot's walls while throwing on the potter's wheel.
How to Throw off the Mound - Throwing off the Mound - Pottery
Throwing off the mound (or throwing off the hump) allows potters to make quantities of small pots or bowls very quickly. It is a technique that many production ...
How to Build Throwing Skills - Pottery - About.com
... wheel is a skill that may seem impossible to master at first. The best way to build your skills throwing on the potters wheel is through practice and evaluation.
How to Throw or Pull Up the Walls of a Pot - Pottery - About.com
The entire process of forming a pot out of clay on the potter's wheel is generally called throwing. There are several steps within that process, such as centering, ...
Do-Ahead Preparations to Throwing on the Potter's Wheel - Before ...
When people first think of working with clay, they often think of a potter sitting at the wheel, throwing beautiful pottery forms. Did you know that there are ...
Speed and Movement while Throwing on the Potter's Wheel - Pottery
Wheel speed while throwing the walls should be at one quarter speed, or even slower. One of the biggest difficulties beginning throwers have is the natural ...
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